Hypertune HypEX 347-SS Stock Frame Mitsubishi Evolution 10 4B11 Mivec Exhaust Manifold

  • $1,349.00
  • Save $146

HypEX SS-347 exhaust manifolds are investment cast from 347 stainless-steel due to its vastly superior performance in high-temperature applications compared to commonly used materials. All components, including pipe elbows, are unique to Hypertune and are designed specifically for extreme-duty exhaust applications. **We do not use off-the-shelf steampipe elbows**. This allows us to offer a high-performance manifold that is light weight and extremely durable.

- 347 stainless-steel construction

- Tig welded in-house

- Hypertune proprietary runner diameter and wall thickness: 44.45mm o.d., 2.7mm wall

- Investment cast collector – high resistance to cracking and high flow

- Investment cast head flange – incorporating smooth port transition

- Lifetime warranty against cracking